Saturday, October 29, 2011

post the first

Ok, so I have decided to keep a blog. We shall see how this goes. I'm one of those people who says they'll write a diary but never remembers to write anything in it. Seriously i have notebooks all over the house with maybe a couple of days worth of diary jotted down then i forget and oh crap.... its months later and my notebook is filled with nothing but blank pages.

Usually those blank pages end up getting used for various snippits of the novel that isnt. The novel is fully formed in my head, its just the getting it down on paper or into the computer thats hard!! So notebooks certainly aren't wasted.

My most recent page filled notebook is sitting open on the table at a page titled "12 by 2012" the idea was inspired by a blog post my good friend showed me.
Afterwards my friend and i dedcided we'd give it a go together. so here we are. I'll be keeping track of the progress of my list here.

wish us luck!!

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