Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas is just around the corner

With Christmas on the horizon and very little money in our bank account, being that we only have my partners retail income, i decided that this year i would try to make as many of our presents as possible. And so I've spent the last two weeks crafting up a storm. I even took advantage of the kids napping at the same time to whip out my sewing machine and whip up a couple of sewn presents. Having an extremely curious toddler i really don't get the chance to use my sewing machine much, but i really do enjoy it when i do sew. And this particular project was quite lovely

So this is how my list started,

Mum - red or purple
Dad - green maybe two shades?
Robyn - purple or blue
Ian - blue..again maybe two shades.

Then once I'd started making the parents gifts i suddenly thought..oh gosh Logan needs to have something to give to little Ava...oh I'll need to make something for Shayne-Lee too, can't forget Ava's big sister.. and then a friend said she was making something for Logan so i thought oh crap i haven't got her girl anything so suddenly i had three extra gifts on my list to make. A week and a bit out from Christmas and I'm making more things?!

I must be crazy..oh wait, yes, we knew that already.

Luckily yesterday all gifts were completed and my in laws have even received theirs already. We had an early Xmas lunch at their house this week as they'll be heading up the country to visit other family on Christmas. We had a BBQ and Logan had a great time running around the garden and following the cats as they wandered past. He even had his very first pavlova, a very kiwi tradition..he loved it and it looked so yummy..shame I'm allergic to eggs!

So as the in laws have received their gifts I'll tell you what i made them.... Facecloths! Yummy, scrummy 100% bamboo facecloths. Oh the yarn is just so soft and divine to use and the colours were really rather stunning too. These facecloths feel like pure luxury too.
                                           Poppa Ian's cloths stacked.
                                         Poppa Ian's cloths spread out.

 So for Poppa Ian's cloths i did a pretty simple granny square in one colour then edged it with three rounds of single crochet stitches in the contrasting colour. So simple and yet looks fantastic!

                                            Nanna Robyn's cloths stacked
                                          Nanna Robyn's spread out

So again i used the granny stitch only this time i went from the corner rather than centre and again the contrasting border. Don't they look lovely?!

I've made several washcloths now i lots of colours so I'm sure I'll do another post show casing them all together. but that will have to wait till after Christmas when everyone has received their gifts! Can't have them reading my blog and spoiling their surprises now can we. :)

All my lovely handmade gifts will get their own posts too but again, not till after Christmas!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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