Thursday, December 20, 2012

Every little girl deserves a doll

Logan has a little friend who he loves very much. She is the daughter of our very close friends Aaron and Waikura. Little Ava is 5 months younger than Logan and he adores her. Its quite clear whenever the two play together that she loves him too.

When our daughter was born early on 31 August this year Ava's parents were absolutely wonderful. They lookd after Logan for us for three days and even brought us dinner on those days when we got home from the hospital. I've been wanting to do something for them as a little thankyou so I decided to make their girls a little gift for christmas.

I've made Ava a little rag doll. I didn't play with dolls much when I was a little girl but i do remember having a couple of very special ones that i loved alot.

Shayne-Lee is older and clearly a very loving big sister to Ava. At Shayne-Lee's age i loved hair clips. mainly for their usefullness at keeping my fringe out of my eyes. So i figured i would make her a few different ones. She has stunning long dark hair so i chose colours that a - she'll like and b - will compliment her hair.

big bow
picot butterfly

sweet flower

All together now.

 For the doll i came up with this:

Rag doll sitting on the couch

Face close up

 I used some saftey toy eyes and red thread for her face. Ive deliberatly put a half smile there so as she grows and plays she can use her imagination for the emotions. For the hair i spent a few day hand stitching it strand by strand.

I may just do a post later on about exactly how i made the doll. I plan to make my son and daughter their own dolls soon so will take some progress shots of those as i make them.

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