Thursday, December 20, 2012

Family of Washcloths

So this year i decided to make presents for my family rather than buying. This was A- to save money and B- beacause its nice to receive handmade gifts over anything bought, it just means more.

So i worked out a budget of what we would ordinarily spend at christmas time on our parents. It worked out at around $30 each and that gave me a total of $120! Thats just crazy! We definately couldn't afford that. I decided that i wanted to make some washcloths for them all. You can never have to many washcloths. Lets face it, you buy those soft, fluffy flannels in the shop and then after a few washes and a little use they just dont feel as soft anymore. So you either throw them out, or they still in the back of the airing cupboard gathering dust. If you're anything like me they windup being used as dishcloths in the kitchen.

Next i had to decide on the type of yarn to use. A friend offered me a good deal on some merino bamboo 50/50, but with Mum being allergic to wool that just wouldnt work. I wanted my washcloths to feel like a little bit of luxury for everyone. After hunting the internet for cotton yarns and finding none in the right colours or in my price range i was starting to despair for my oh so lovely idea. Then someone in my craft group suggested i use pure bamboo. So i looked again for yarn and found a place on trademe selling 50g skeins of 100% bamboo in some amazing colours and most definately in my price range! YAY! So $50 later and a few hours of crocheting and voila. All out parents had lovely luxurious washcloths.


Mother in laws

Father in laws

I'm really pleased with how they all turned out, the colours are just stunning. The best bit is that there's plenty of each colour left over so I can make a few for me! I had a small mishap with mums mostly red one as somehow it went wonky! I think i must have calculated my stitches wrong, but i didnt notice till after i'd finished it. Luckily for me my mum loves things that are unique!

So all we spent on others this year was the $50 it cost to get the yarn and have it posted out to us. I've made a few things for friends daughters too and those just used up fabrics and yarns already in my stash. oh and a little of my time too.

Coming up...the gifts for the girls.

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