Monday, December 19, 2011

12 by 2012 updates!

Ok, so since starting this list, i've become totaly unfocused and Logan has been teething on and off making it very difficult to get things done. Some projects have also hinged on other people being able to help out. However there is a plus side, I have managed to get a few done. Those that have been completed I am happy with.

* Organise Kitchen - COMPLETED!! and staying tidy yay.
* Organise Lounge - COMPLETED!! - It is now a tidy and safe place for Logan to crawl and play.
* Declutter Bedroom- COMPLETED!! Its much tidier and manageable. Yes theres a basket of laundry in the corner but it is at least folded and tidy, ready to be put away.
* Bedroom wall art. Done and looking gorgeous. Three abstract pieces above the bed, I will upload photos at some stage but via my other pc.
* Read 10 books: Well this was abitious as I usually end up choosing rather large books. Stay tuned for the post about the specific books I've read. ( i managed 3 )
* Finish Logans Room: The only thing that needs doing is really getting the old sofa bed out and rearanging the room to work better space wise. Sofa will be gone after xmas/ in the new year when my friend is back home from visiting her parents and able to organise a trailer etc.
* Finish Wooden Cabinet: again hinges on a friends help, with his new job and it being shift based it has been hard to get days where both he and my partner are available. Looks like new years for that one.
*Baby proof house: 90% completed, just have one last baby gate to install and we'll be done
*Finish all craft projects I've started: Well really there were only four to be done and each one has needed a longer chunk of time than I've been able to get, but this was more of a if i get to it idea. So not to fussed.
* Sell excess stuff: In progres.
*Donate unwanted items to charities: In progress, currently filling a box to take to the opshops.

So all though I havent completed all of them and am unlikely to do so in the last two weeks of the year, I have completed or almost finished my most important ones on the list. I can sit back and enjoy christmas with my family, the first as a mum!

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