Thursday, December 15, 2011


I Just want to say a big thank you to all those who have read my blog, seen how I've been feeling and extended their hands of love, support and friendship. You all know who you are but here's a shout out to a special few:


To Waikura, thank you for your comments on my facebook page, and for making tea and bringing it around tonight. Even after all the crap you guys are going through with hubby being sick you still managed to find the space to help me out. It means alot!

To my beautiful Mummy, for coming coming over for lunch today, for emailing me the link with a list of the local play groups. All of which appear to be in walking distance! And most of all Mum, thank you for being you. for being there for me throughout my life even if i didn't realise i needed you. Thank you. xx

To Ian and Robyn, for calling Daniel this morning to make sure that I and we were OK. We are better than ever but your concern was sweet and appreciated.

But most of all a big thank you to you Daniel.

Thank you for being the most amazing fiance a girl could want. For just listening and cuddling me while i vented and cried the other night, for at the end kissing my forhead, saying you loved me and vowing to help. For loving me and for making me smile even when i feel at my worst. But mostly thank you Daniel for being you. For being the kind, caring, funny person that you have always been. I love you and I love our life together with our son. Thanks for being there and being supportive of me in everything that I do.

and Logan, my darling little boy, thank yu for just being you. Your laugh is addictive.

Thank you everyone and just so you all know... I am feeling alot better and thnigs are good. :)

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