Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Thanks to living in an area away from close friends lonliness has started creeping in. My best friend Lauren lives in England. I havent actualy seen her face to fave since my Dad passed in 2008. I miss her so much.

A couple of my friends have babies a little younger than my Logan. He's 8 1/2 months their daughters are nearly 4months. One lives over in the Hutt Valley and the other in Reikorangi. Neither of which are accessible via public transport and as I dont drive thats not a good thing.

The rest of my friends don't have kids and live nearer Wellington or are expecting in March but still live nearer Wellington than I do.

I've started looking into wether or not there are mums groups in my area but I'm not really having much luck in that regard. Not being able to drive is really starting to have an impact on my social life.

Yes my neighbours to the front of our place have a son the same age as Logan, but they allways seem to be busy doing things.

Yes I could go visit my parents but to be honest as much as i love them, and i really do, they just dont give me the same company as my friends do.

I've been trying to organise a game evening with friends to play Munchkin (check out steve jackson games....tis a highly addictive game) but even that doesnt seem like its going to be happening any time soon.

This lonliness is really starting to get me down and I dont know what to do, I dont feel like there's anyone to turn to. Everyone seems so busy living their own lives and I feel lost. The last few weeks my partner has taken to coming home, cooking tea and then playing games on the consoles. Which is fine really as I'm a gamer too, I just wish he'd play something i could join in with. I've tried telling him, but I don't think he or anyone I know has even realised quite how alone I feel.

The only beings in my life I feel are aware of me right now are my cat 'knuckles' and my son.

I live in hope that one day soon someone will notice that I'm not just complaining, but seeking help and support. Please. Anyone?

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