Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Moving forward

So having vented on this little space of mine, my lovely friend Holly read it and texted to let me know that even though she lives a little out of the way for me to get there on my own she's there for me.

Thankyou my dear friend. It helps to know someone else is there. Since that text I've been brave and bit the bullet so to speak. I began searching for a local coffe group. I didn't find a heck of alot but I did find a group that i might be able to get to occaisionally in porirua. we'll see how it goes.

While talking to my neighbour simon today he gave me an idea to try and start on myself. Specifically for Paraparaumu. He, like me, is not keen to host a coffee group in his own home so we figured that we pick a few cafe's. For instance, the library, beach or mall and use them as a meeting place for parents. Less presure that way. So I'm going to make a poster and pop it up at the library to start off with. I've yet to figure out what i'll put on the poster. but its a start. Any one reading this got any ideas?

Here's to moving forward and find a parents group that will work for me. *clink*

1 comment:

  1. Course I'm always here for you :)
    It's what the blog thing was all about (for me anyway), putting myself out there, creating accountability and encouraging myself to get out there and do what I actually want to do :)
    But it sounds like a good step hun.